Ensuring the safety of our team and preventing harm to the environment for future generations is our goal. Simply put, SAFETY IS OUR STANDARD and we back it up everyday, on every jobsite.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide proactive safety management systems and occupational health processes to mitigate and eliminate accidents and injuries.
  • Create a working environment that places the highest value on the health and welfare of the employee, customer, client, and community.
  • Operate in, preserve and protect the environment.
  • Instill a sense of ownership in employees.
  • Embrace excellence in all aspects of safety.

At the very core of the PES safety commitment, is to empower each and every employee with the STOP WORK AUTHORITY to stop work that is unsafe. The ideas and concerns of our employees are important, employees can stop work with no fear of reprecussions. PES believes that all incidents are preventable, and we strive toward that goal everyday.

Our ultimate goal is to have zero Incidents—and we know that an aware, well-trained workforce is a safe, competent and productive workforce. We train every employee to the highest industry standard, arming them with knowledge and techniques to work safely, prevent accidents and protect the environment. Our proactive commitment to safety has consistently earned Performance Energy Services an industry best safety record.

PES is a member of PEC Safety, and an SSQ Participant. A commitment made to our clients to streamline the management of Safety, Insurance, Training and statistics. PES also utilizes PEC SafeLand and SafeGulf as core compliance training.

PES is an active member of ISN and have also partnered with ISN to effectively manage Subcontractors and Vendors. This is a commitment made to our Clients and Workforce alike to streamline internal safety, procurement and risk management processes. ISN has allowed PES to standardize subcontractor management across sites and geographic regions.