Founded in 2000, Performance Energy Services delivers safe, client-focused support to the onshore and offshore energy markets. With diverse, high-quality services and an unwavering commitment to jobsite safety, we’ve become a trusted partner to oil and gas companies around the world. As a Danos company, Performance Energy Services is uniquely positioned to meet our clients’ growing needs.


Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.


We strive to create trust through honest and ethical conduct in everything we do.

We believe every person working with Performance should return home safely to their families every time. We vigorously strive to protect our employees by providing the support, knowledge, tools and

We will seek to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by developing strong partnerships, addressing their needs with urgency and by providing excellent service. environment they need to work safely every day.

We develop creative solutions to challenging business problems so that we may offer the most value to our customers. We will do this through developing our most important resource, our people, and by challenging current methods and thinking.

We treat others in a way that preserves and builds their dignity.


It is the mission of Performance Energy Services to constantly strive and provide superior oilfield equipment with outstanding value at the time of customer request. We will make every effort to maximize customer satisfaction by:

  • Ensuring that all of our products comply with customer and industry requirements as well as relevant safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing the highest level of customer service before, during, and after job completion.
  • Establishing manufacturing quality objectives and measure our performance in order to continuously improve the product, process, and our service.

Our mission of management is to ensure that our employees understand the business and take personal ownership in what they do and realize the impact of our product and service to our customer success.  In order to support the mission, the organization we will hire qualified employees and provide sufficient training to ensure they become valuable resources with an outstanding level of knowledge and skill, which will set us apart from our competition. It is the mission of the organization to continuously improve our process, system, and technology to provide higher product quality, lower cost, and reduce lead time to maximize our customer success.  

Goal: To safely and consistently produce timely delivered products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.


Jon Boudreaux


Performance Energy Services

Tyler Boquet


Performance Energy Services

Ali Mackay

VP of Special Projects & Sr. Advisor

Performance Energy Services

Dirk Dempster

VP of Operations

Performance Energy Services

Jerry Knight

VP of Offshore

Performance Energy Services

Tyler Todd

VP of Business Development

Performance Energy Services

Troy Granier


Performance Energy Services


Performance Energy Services was acquired by Danos Group Holdings in 2024.

Danos Ventures, LLC facilitated the transaction and is a family-owned investment company dedicated to building an energy-sector portfolio that increases its ability to service customers and provide career development opportunities for employees.

With over 75 years of energy operations experience, Danos Ventures disciplined capital allocation has delivered sustained growth through multiple industry cycles. The company is guided by its commitment to fulfilling its purpose to, “Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.”

Danos Ventures pursues opportunities in the energy sector – spanning traditional oil and gas and energy transition, including renewables, carbon sequestration, clean hydrogen, and emissions reduction.